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Customer Service

customer service

Customer service plays an important role in your service industry. The consuming customer appreciates or devalues your service depending on how you treat him/her. Hence, warmly greeting and respecting our customers regardless of their race, gender, and physical disabilities, makes a great difference and we adhere to the same principle.

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Message from UVC

message from UVC

Dear UVC customers, We would like to thank you for choosing us as your new DTS provider, and we commit ourselves to work with you. However, tell us about your experience, give us your feedback so that we would improve our services. This industry can only get better if it takes inputs from people who have firsthand experience. And, that is you!

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UVC Taxi App

DC Taxi App

Our app is simple and easy to use. With one touch of a button, be on your way around the nation’s capital. Ride with us to ride with the best drivers in the DC area. Pay with our mobile apps on iOS and Android, or in the taxi. Our services provide simple payment options, from cash to credit card.

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About Us

“UVC Inc. is a public for hire vehicles company aimed at offering the best quality taxicab service to the public and visitors of the District of Columbia. Established in 2008 by the merger of six drivers owned associations with less than 300 fleets, it had grown to more than 1500 fleets now, and strives to grow more. Our goal is to provide an enjoyable experience to our customers and guarantee the best working environment to our partners and employees. Among the array of services we provide are: a fleet of newer vehicles, wheelchair accessible transportation, Digital Dispatching, Credit card and other form of payment options, and reasonably priced auto repair services. Our fleets are fully equipped with Digital Meters based on the new DTS (Digital Taxi Solution) approved by the DFHV (Department of For Hire Vehicles). We are also one of the few newly approved and licensed DTS providers.