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Jan 2020

How To Keep Your Cab Germ And Illness-Free

It s winter. Viruses, flu, and now the coronavirus, are constantly making people sick. Making sure you stay healthy means that, as a driver, you have to sanitize your car regularly. If you have a passenger that is sick or complaining of any symptoms, it s time to pull over after they leave and make your car germ-free. Learning how to do this properly takes a bit of research and some good common-sense.

First, it s always a great idea to keep Purell or another hand sanitizer in your cab. Whether you are using it, or your passengers are or preferably both, it can protect you against illness, which means you have as many sick days off of work. Not to mention the fact that, sometimes you re in your cab and you smell an unpleasant odor one that becomes more pervasive the more you drive. That odor can be from food or other items, but it likely carries germ-filled bacteria as well. Because cars can regularly become germ-infested with bacteria, bacteria which lives on steering wheels, interior handles, car chargers and mobile devices, and seats, it s important to disinfect consistently.

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Jan 2020

Top Secrets Professional Taxi Drivers Know

George Bernard Shaw once suggested that, the single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” What does this mean? To the everyday person, it means that just because we think we have communicated effectively doesn t mean that, in reality, we have. When it comes to passengers, giving an address requires a simple communication between the driver and the passenger. When it comes to communication amongst drivers themselves, there is a whole world of communication passengers aren t privy to.

Whether by hand signal or discourse, it s a known fact that taxi drivers have a code of their own. When a passenger forgets his/her cellphone, for example, in the back of a cab, drivers will often go far out of their way to return it. Feel free to call your phone if you ve lost it. And in many cases drivers will even deliver it to you where you are. If that s the case, please don t forget to tip the driver as he/she likely gave up a fare to return your precious smartphone.

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Jan 2020

New Year…New Adventures

It s a new year and a new decade. For many of us, a new year means new plans places we want to go and see and others we want to return to. In the Nation s Capital, that usually means a buffet of museums, memorials, and galleries. Our city is chock full of adventures to be had, places to go at any time of the day or night, and a myriad of ways to get around.

Whether you re new in town, a native Washingtonian, or just visiting our wonderful city, think about this: planning for your adventures simply makes sense. Have you ever seen our monuments at night? They are spectacular but only someone who has landed at Reagan National Airport at night or has driven through the City will be able to share that with you. Is there a special type of food you ve been craving but don t know the best place to find it? There s an even better solution than asking a travel guide. Can t guess? Ask a cab driver! They are professionals about the city they work and live in. They know what s new, what s hot, and also what s coming.

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Nov 2019

The Best of Washington, D.C.

There is no shortage of things to do in and around Washington, D.C.  From museums to concerts to sporting events, there is always something for everyone.  When you come to D.C., it is important to work with someone that knows the city and can help you plan your day accordingly, so you can maximize your enjoyment and minimize your travel time. 

Our professional drivers know our city.  They know the events that are happening and the traffic flow around them.  They understand street closures, which happen all the time here, and some of the best places to start and end your day.  From the Smithsonian Museums to the Lincoln Memorial, our drivers can help you see the best of Washington, D.C. Read More

Nov 2019

Reducing Travel-Related Stress Throughout Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. is known as one of the most congested cities when it comes to getting around.  Between the companies, government, events, and one-way streets, it has been known to cause travel-induced stress.  Even the calmest of calm people can find themselves challenged when trying to get someone on time. 

There are many ways to avoid travel-related stress in D.C., however.  By planning your journey in advance, working with a professional driver like ours, and setting your meetings or events close to each other, getting from place to place becomes quite a bit easier.  For those that don’t live here, moving around The District is always challenging.  Why not work with someone that knows the city like the palm of their hand?

From K Street to Independence Avenue, the City is chock full of museums, galleries, theaters, and hotels.  Not sure where to go first?  Our drivers are always willing to share some of their knowledge and make suggestions of where to go first.  They also know the high times to visit places and the tricks to get in when you want that sold out ticket.  Their expertise isn’t limited to navigating the streets…it truly includes their “street smarts”. Read More

Oct 2019

Travel Stress and the Passenger

Travelling from one place to another can, at times, be stressful. This stress is often related to the timing, traffic, and one’s personal needs. By travelling with a bona fide professional driver, that stress is reduced. While there are a myriad of travel methods available around the Washington, D.C. area, only a professional can get you where you want to go – on time – and cost-effectively. Having a vehicle and driver personally dedicated to you and your trip means your driver is focused on your needs. With a taxi, your driver ensures your travel is safe, comfortable, and on time. Read More