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Dec 2019

How To Get The Most Out Of Washington, D.C. Like The Locals Do

Whether you are from Washington, D.C. or just vising our wonderful city, there is so much to do here that it’s impossible to do it all in just one visit.  Even our locals take “staycations” to experience things they usually don’t have time for.  That’s why we’ve compiled some of the best of what Washington, D.C. has to offer during the holiday season. 

Remember, this is far from a complete list.  It’s really just a guide to get you started on your holiday cheer and to see more than mere monuments (even though they are truly one of a kind).  And use our taxis, they are here as your personal concierges, professionals who pride themselves on giving suggestions and getting you where you want to go in short order.  So, here are our top five tips for seeing D.C., whether you’re a local or just want to act like one. Read More

Nov 2019

Happy Holidays From UVC

It's holiday time in DC. That means great shows, wonderful displays and superb shopping. It also means more traffic, cold weather and plenty of visitors.

If you want to get in the holiday spirit, DC has plenty to offer. If you're the hearty type and don't mind a chill in the air, take a stroll around neighborhoods known for great holiday decorations. Some of the best include Dupont Circle, Georgetown, the Southwest waterfront, CityCenter and Alexandria, right across the river in Virginia. Read More

Nov 2019

The Best of Washington, D.C.

There is no shortage of things to do in and around Washington, D.C.  From museums to concerts to sporting events, there is always something for everyone.  When you come to D.C., it is important to work with someone that knows the city and can help you plan your day accordingly, so you can maximize your enjoyment and minimize your travel time. 

Our professional drivers know our city.  They know the events that are happening and the traffic flow around them.  They understand street closures, which happen all the time here, and some of the best places to start and end your day.  From the Smithsonian Museums to the Lincoln Memorial, our drivers can help you see the best of Washington, D.C. Read More

Nov 2019

Reducing Travel-Related Stress Throughout Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. is known as one of the most congested cities when it comes to getting around.  Between the companies, government, events, and one-way streets, it has been known to cause travel-induced stress.  Even the calmest of calm people can find themselves challenged when trying to get someone on time. 

There are many ways to avoid travel-related stress in D.C., however.  By planning your journey in advance, working with a professional driver like ours, and setting your meetings or events close to each other, getting from place to place becomes quite a bit easier.  For those that don’t live here, moving around The District is always challenging.  Why not work with someone that knows the city like the palm of their hand?

From K Street to Independence Avenue, the City is chock full of museums, galleries, theaters, and hotels.  Not sure where to go first?  Our drivers are always willing to share some of their knowledge and make suggestions of where to go first.  They also know the high times to visit places and the tricks to get in when you want that sold out ticket.  Their expertise isn’t limited to navigating the streets…it truly includes their “street smarts”. Read More

Oct 2019

Travel Stress and the Passenger

Travelling from one place to another can, at times, be stressful. This stress is often related to the timing, traffic, and one’s personal needs. By travelling with a bona fide professional driver, that stress is reduced. While there are a myriad of travel methods available around the Washington, D.C. area, only a professional can get you where you want to go – on time – and cost-effectively. Having a vehicle and driver personally dedicated to you and your trip means your driver is focused on your needs. With a taxi, your driver ensures your travel is safe, comfortable, and on time. Read More