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Become a Driver

Deciding to become a professional driver is a big decision. Once you’ve made it, it’s time to talk to UVC. At United Ventures Consortium (UVC), we support our drivers 100%. We work with you to get a car, assist on the process, paint DTS system, and so much more. The process is simple. We assist you fill out an application, through the. We work with you to fulfill all requirements and and we train you on our systems and infrastructure.

We’re flexible. You can bring your own equipment or use ours. Our drivers are all entrepreneurs, operating their own businesses. As a driver for UVC, you get to choose when you work. You pick your holidays and days off. We support you in your efforts. Need some help with a ticket? Our attorneys will work with you and advice you free of charge. At UVC, even if you’re an entrepreneur, you’re still part of a company and a family. Don’t have credit? We’ll get it for you so you can get your first cab. And we have a full-service repair shop on site. From soup to nuts, UVC has it all.

It doesn’t take long to become a driver for us. We’ve been in business over a decade and are proud to say that what started as a dream has successfully made its mark on the City’s transportation business. Our contracts with the City are growing and with it come more driver opportunities. UVC has successfully trained thousands of drivers that are happily cruising the District of Columbia daily and we’d love to train you. Our job at UVC is to make your job easier…and get you up to speed.