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Getting to Know us

UVC Inc. is a Washington, D.C.-based transportation company offering the highest quality taxicab services to the public.  Established in 2008 by the merger of six driver-owned organizations with fewer than 300 cars, UVC is proud to have a fleet of over 2,500 today. Our goal is to provide an enjoyable experience to our customers, while guaranteeing the safest, most enjoyable working environment for our employees and partners.

UVC offers: a fleet of newer vehicles, wheelchair accessible transportation, Digital Dispatching, Credit card and other payment options, and reasonably priced auto repair services. We never charge surcharges to our customers and our cars are always on time.  Our fleets are fully equipped with Digital Meters based on the new DTS (Digital Taxi Solution) approved by the DFHV (Department of For Hire Vehicles). We one of a small group of newly approved and licensed DTS providers.

Our code of ethics and our corporate mission statement are always in alignment.  We strictly abide with the Federal and District of Columbia Statues and their interpretations.  UVC is proud to be a partner with the District of Columbia’s TransportDC program.  We strictly adhere to the American Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1968 and subsequent amendments to that law.

As a company, we fully comply with the District of Columbia Anti-Discrimination statues, and the DFHV rules as outlined in DCMR-Title-31, and other publications.

UVC is an Equal Opportunity employer, and does not discriminate based on Color, Gender, Physical Disabilities, and Place of Origin.