Jan 2020

Top Secrets Professional Taxi Drivers Know

George Bernard Shaw once suggested that, the single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” What does this mean? To the everyday person, it means that just because we think we have communicated effectively doesn t mean that, in reality, we have. When it comes to passengers, giving an address requires a simple communication between the driver and the passenger. When it comes to communication amongst drivers themselves, there is a whole world of communication passengers aren t privy to.

Whether by hand signal or discourse, it s a known fact that taxi drivers have a code of their own. When a passenger forgets his/her cellphone, for example, in the back of a cab, drivers will often go far out of their way to return it. Feel free to call your phone if you ve lost it. And in many cases drivers will even deliver it to you where you are. If that s the case, please don t forget to tip the driver as he/she likely gave up a fare to return your precious smartphone.

Meters exist so passengers won t try to haggle over fares. Think of it this way, to a driver, haggling over a fare means you don t feel the service they are providing is worth what it costs to you. In other words, just because they are driving a cab doesn t mean they don t take pride in their work and this is their job!

So, you took a ride from the airport to the local hotel and there was traffic. The ride may not have been long in miles, but it could have taken much longer due to traffic. Every time a driver picks up a passenger, he/she is earning money. It s time to reward them honestly for getting you where you want to go safely, honestly, and comfortably. The rule of thumb for tipping cabs is 20%. In reality, if your ride took a lot longer than usual or if it took the driver far outside his/her normal route, it s time to tip even more.

Being a taxi driver is very expensive. It s also very time consuming. And our paychecks depend on the passengers we pick up. So, if you think we aren t going to stop for you when you need us, and our taxi is currently empty, you can bet we will. Without our passengers, we don t have an income. And while passengers can go almost anywhere in our cars, it s rare that we get a fare that takes us out of our local area unless we picked you up at an airport. And when this happens, we are very thankful. You can bank on that.

Another thing you can bank on is our ability to constantly communicate. However, sometimes chatting with passengers all day long can get tiring even for a driver. You see, many times we talk about nothing but to you it is really something. So, please understand that sometimes a ride without a lot of conversation is an opportunity to for you to power down for a minute and catch your breath and we know this. And when this happens, we can focus even better on getting you where you want to go even though we are always paying attention first to our driving.

And on the subject of focusing harder, remember that our job as a driver is one of the most competitive in the industry. Because of this, we always know the most efficient route to get you where you want to go. Therefore, you don t have to stress about giving us directions. In fact, many drivers consider it a sign that you don t trust us to get you to your destination the correct way. This is something passengers probably never think about but for us it can be #awkward.

If you never thought about these things than this blog post gave you an opportunity to learn more about the life of a professional UVC Taxi Driver. We re here to serve you and help you the best we can all we ask is that, in the word of Jerry McGuire, that you help us help you. At the end of the day, that is really all that matters.