Nov 2019

Reducing Travel-Related Stress Throughout Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. is known as one of the most congested cities when it comes to getting around.  Between the companies, government, events, and one-way streets, it has been known to cause travel-induced stress.  Even the calmest of calm people can find themselves challenged when trying to get someone on time. 

There are many ways to avoid travel-related stress in D.C., however.  By planning your journey in advance, working with a professional driver like ours, and setting your meetings or events close to each other, getting from place to place becomes quite a bit easier.  For those that don’t live here, moving around The District is always challenging.  Why not work with someone that knows the city like the palm of their hand?

From K Street to Independence Avenue, the City is chock full of museums, galleries, theaters, and hotels.  Not sure where to go first?  Our drivers are always willing to share some of their knowledge and make suggestions of where to go first.  They also know the high times to visit places and the tricks to get in when you want that sold out ticket.  Their expertise isn’t limited to navigating the streets…it truly includes their “street smarts”.

Planning a trip to the White House or the National Gallery of Art?  Visiting the Air and Space Museum or catching a game at Capital One Arena?  Learning how to get from place to place and planning accordingly means enjoying your plans more.  From the Metro to concerts to power meetings at local eateries, knowing when to leave and who to call makes all the difference in the world.

As fall comes in and begins to head toward winter in Washington, D.C., the challenges grow.  Weather-related travel changes are always happening around the DMV.  Your flights may be delayed or cancelled but we always have a place to recommend for you to go.  Unlike many companies, our drivers live here.  We work here.  We drive here.  This is our job and where we spend our free time.  We are passionate about The District and understand that our passengers not only need our help but want it too.

With travel comes accessibility challenges for those in need.  Our accessible vehicles come with drivers who understand that helping enhance your quality of life is everything.  We’re on time.  We’re here to help and we’re here to listen.  Whether you need to get across the district to a doctor’s appointment through the TransportDC program or to the Metro or work, our accessible vehicles will get you there. 

One of the best ways to reduce stress is to enjoy the ride.  That is the core of our business.  We enjoy our customers and getting them where they need to go.  Whether that is one block or one hundred miles away.  Consider us your transportation friend who never lets you down, day or night.  Our drivers are our best ambassadors and they tell us all the time how much they enjoy, appreciate and help our customers.  In fact, many have suggested they are like concierges with the goal of making your day the easiest it can be. 

And from our end, we’ve thought of everything.  We even have our own proprietary app, ezRidr, which is available for all smartphones.  It enables you to reach out and get one of our cars any time, day or night, while viewing where they are, in real time, on our proprietary dashboard.  With ezRidr, customers can pay for their rides in the app or in person knowing their transactions are secure and we never charge surcharges.  It’s that simple.  At the beginning – middle – or end of the day, we want to be your full service transportation provider – the stress free way.