Jan 2020

New Year…New Adventures

It s a new year and a new decade. For many of us, a new year means new plans places we want to go and see and others we want to return to. In the Nation s Capital, that usually means a buffet of museums, memorials, and galleries. Our city is chock full of adventures to be had, places to go at any time of the day or night, and a myriad of ways to get around.

Whether you re new in town, a native Washingtonian, or just visiting our wonderful city, think about this: planning for your adventures simply makes sense. Have you ever seen our monuments at night? They are spectacular but only someone who has landed at Reagan National Airport at night or has driven through the City will be able to share that with you. Is there a special type of food you ve been craving but don t know the best place to find it? There s an even better solution than asking a travel guide. Can t guess? Ask a cab driver! They are professionals about the city they work and live in. They know what s new, what s hot, and also what s coming.

This month in D.C. there are so many great things to experience. Here are a few of our favorite things to do and see in Washington, D.C. this January!

  • Take in a Capitals or a Wizards game at Capital One Arena. Enough said.
  • Nationals Winterfest. This exquisite, fun and entertaining event brings all that we love about baseball (and our World Series Champions) together.
  • C. Restaurant Week. Now s the time to try that restaurant or food you ve been wanting at a special price!
  • The D.C. Auto Show. Going somewhere? Looking for great entertainment and cool cars? This is the place to be!
  • Chinese Lunar New Year Celebrations happening all over the city from the Sackler Gallery to the streets of D.C. There s something for everyone!
  • The D.C. Chinese New Year Parade. Not to be missed on January 26, 2020! This parade has music, dance, floats, balloons, and so much more!
  • New exhibits at The Phillips, Smithsonian, National Gallery of Art and a host of other galleries.
  • Take in a show at one of our many theaters from the Kennedy Center to the National Theater there s certainly something for everyone.
  • From the National Symphony Orchestra to Snoop Dog. Our city s eclectic music taste means you can hear more around town. And this is just the beginning.

As you can see, January in D.C. doesn t only mean potential snow and cold. It means culture, fun, and festivities. Our drivers know how to get you where you want to go on time, and they can also make many suggestions about events or places you want to be. Akin to mini concierges, our professional drivers have one goal: to deliver you safely and comfortably where you want to be. Have some challenges getting there and need an accessible ride? No need to worry! We ve got that covered too!