Jan 2020

How To Keep Your Cab Germ And Illness-Free

It s winter. Viruses, flu, and now the coronavirus, are constantly making people sick. Making sure you stay healthy means that, as a driver, you have to sanitize your car regularly. If you have a passenger that is sick or complaining of any symptoms, it s time to pull over after they leave and make your car germ-free. Learning how to do this properly takes a bit of research and some good common-sense.

First, it s always a great idea to keep Purell or another hand sanitizer in your cab. Whether you are using it, or your passengers are or preferably both, it can protect you against illness, which means you have as many sick days off of work. Not to mention the fact that, sometimes you re in your cab and you smell an unpleasant odor one that becomes more pervasive the more you drive. That odor can be from food or other items, but it likely carries germ-filled bacteria as well. Because cars can regularly become germ-infested with bacteria, bacteria which lives on steering wheels, interior handles, car chargers and mobile devices, and seats, it s important to disinfect consistently.

Products like Lysol wipes make it very easy to disinfect. They won t damage your car, and they kill a significant number of germs and bacteria. You can also spray with Lysol disinfectant spray, once you finish with the wipes, to ensure your surfaces are clean and your air is sanitized. This really isn t any different than disinfecting in your home or other spaces. It is something everyone needs to do. Here are some tips that will help you drive germ-free.

First, make a cleaning plan. Grab a trash bag and your sanitizer, along with some paper towels. Toss anything that smells, as well as any trash you have on hand. It s always a great time to clean your car! Search your car s nooks and crannies from floors to under seats to cup holders to your electronic devices, and clean and sanitize them. Vacuum any soft surfaces as well. If your passengers left any crumbs or tissues, you will remove them (along with their germs) at this time.

Remember: it is incredibly important that you disinfect properly! Did you know that your cell phone and your pens always have the most bacteria in your car? Then use a spray on the carpet like Febreze Antibacterial or Lysol disinfectant. That will remove the majority of your remaining bacteria and germs. It s also a great idea, once in a while, to clean your carpet the easy way. Do this by spraying a water free” carpet cleaner and letting it dry. It s that simple!

By the way, did you know that by using a misting agent, like Febreze or Lysol, you will kill many more germs than simply cleaning your space? This includes all the germs you don t see or know about. And when you finish, it s time to clean your car s vents. Most people don t know that their vents blow dirty air over and over again. It s like recycled air on airplanes only worse because the air is contained in a much smaller space. Germs also love to hide in small, hard-to-reach, dark areas. In other words, your car s vents are likely a perfect habitat for germs and bacteria.

Many people believe they can use ultraviolet light to sanitize their cars; however, this is not the case. Ultraviolet light can t reach into your ventilation system or the nooks and crannies in your vehicle or the smaller spaces between the dash and other areas; therefore, it is especially important to clean it yourself. If it s clean and sanitized, when you use your heat or air conditioning, you won t be spraying your car with bacteria and germs. Otherwise, you run the risk of doing so. Here again, using a misting agent is your best bet.

We hope these tips will help you keep you and your passengers healthy. Whether during flu season or in the summer months, a great rule of thumb is to clean your vehicle and sanitize it at least once a week. That includes your space up front. When your cab is clean and healthy, you ll stay healthier, enabling you to focus better and work more.